John Porter

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John Porter
John Porter.jpg
Full Name
John Porter
Portrayed by
First Appearance
Last Appearance
John Dean, Tom Wallace
late 30's.
Date of Birth
Date of Death
SAS Soldier (formerly)
Section 20 operative (formerly)
Diane Porter (Wife, deceased)
Alexandra Porter (Daughter)
SAS (formerly)
MI6, Section 20

John Porter was a former SAS soldier. He was killed after being sold out by the Pakistani government to Pakistani terrorist Latif. Members of Section 20 witnessed his death at the hands of Latif himself.


Sergeant John Porter had been in the S.A.S. for five years when he encountered Damien Scott of Delta Force during his deployment to Afghanistan in 2001. The two coordinated with a rebel leader named Latif and therefore were the only ones in their respective militaries able to identify him.

In 2003, just prior to the Invasion of Iraq, Porter's squadron was sent on a hostage rescue mission to Basra joined by Captain Hugh Collinson from Military Intelligence. During the course of the operation, Porter saved the life of an Iraqi child who then, from all appearances, went on to kill two of Porter's comrades and leave another severely brain damaged. Porter was blamed for the incident and he chose to retire from the military rather than be Returned to Unit. In 2010 Porter encountered the child, then a young man, during the rescue of journalist Katie Dartmouth in the same region. He informed Porter that Collinson had killed his comrades. Collinson, now a Major in charge of Section 20, invited Porter to join the Section where he eventually became it's best agent. He was involved in the break out from Chikirubi Prison in Harare of Felix Masuku. On a later mission to retrieve Gerry Baxter from the insurgent Zahir Sharq, Porter confronted and gained a confession from Collinson about his role in the incident in 2003 when Collinson had panicked and fired on his own team. Collinson then sacrificed his life to allow Porter to escape.

In 2011, Porter was captured by the terrorist Latif, who webcast messages read by Porter to his supervisors in the Section. Porter realized he had been sold out by someone in the Section and managed to encode a message within outbursts during his final webcast using a code known only to Damien Scott. At the end of the webcast, he was executed by a disguised Latif with a gunshot to the head.