Michael Stonebridge

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Michael Stonebridge
Michael Stonebridge.jpg
Full Name
Michael Stonebridge
Portrayed by
First Appearance
Date of Birth
Sergeant in Section 20
Kerry Stonebridge (Wife; Deceased)
ex-UK Special Forces; Section 20, MI6

Sergeant Michael Stonebridge is a British operative with Section 20.


Personal Information

Name: Michael Stonebridge

Born: North London, England - 1982

Family: Father - Deceased, Mother - Deceased, Foster Family - Redmonds - Deceased, Wife - Kerry Edwards

Notes: Stonebridge's father was a Marine killed in the Falklands war during his childhood. Mother abandoned him two years later, and Stonebridge had a difficult childhood, feeling out of place in his foster home. Joined the Royal Marines at age 18. Wife Kerry is very family-oriented, but Stonebridge's eye has been known to wander, even in the field.

Military Training

2000 - Enlisted in the Royal Marines.

2002 - Promoted to Corporal.

2002 - Applied for SAS selection - Failed, this is common on first effort.

Trained in extreme weather conditions, underwent navigation.

2005 - Accepted for British Army's Special Forces unit (SAS).

Notes: First rate soldier. Tries twice as hard when faced with adversity. Well-liked by his fellow soldiers. Natural leader.

Military Activity

2001-2003 - Royal Marines Commando
- Stationed on ships; didn't see much action.

2003 - Operation Iraqi Freedom


- First wave landing force in Iraq.
- Performed admirably, write my paper for me promoted to Corporal during first tour.

2004 - Accepted for SAS service - among the most selective in the world
- Worked counter-insurgency in Iraq on Task Force Black.
- Two tours in Afghanistan. Participated in anti-Taliban attacks across the Pakistan border.

2005-2007 - Operation Iraqi Freedom - Promoted to Sergeant
- Oversaw large scale joint US-UK operations in Fallujah.
- Commanded special forces unit in hunt for Al Qaeda operatives.

2010 - Personally requested by Col. Eleanor Grant to join Section 20.

Psychological Profile

- Unparalleled field discipline.
- Challenges of military life and difficulty conceiving taking toll on marriage; unclear how long he will remain in the field.
- Numerous emotional stresses may be beginning to crack his sharp military focus.

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