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Carl Matlock
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Carl Matlock is a mercenary employed by Conrad Knox to recover four nuclear triggers. He was awarded The Legion of Honneur. He was killed by Craig Hanson.


Personal Information

Name: Carl Matlock

Born: 1966

Family: Father—Derek Matlock; Mother—Doreen Matlock

Notes: Kicked out of house as a teenager after violent confrontation with abusive father. Moved to Paris at age 18.

Education and Military Training

- Joined the French Foreign Legion at age 18.

- Served in Chad, Cambodia, Somalia, Rwanda, Congo, Bosnia and Kosovo.

- Joined elite 2eme REP paramilitary unit of the Legion in the minimum time possible. Matlock's career with the Legion lasted 17 years.

- Notes: Described by superior officers as a model legionnaire, displaying total commitment to the demands and ethos of the Legion.

Post-Military Activity

Joined 'The Circuit' in late 2003 (estimated) as a mercenary who doesn't bother with euphemisms like "PMC" or "security professional." Reports suggest Matlock left the Legion when his responsibilities changed and he began to feel his skillset was no longer being put to use. A soldier in his late thirties, did not consider retirement to be an option.

Additional Information

Matlock has fought alongside many fellow ex-legionnaires in West African conflicts, and has had plenty of work in the former Soviet Union. Has gained a reputation from his former employers as a safe pair of hands: discrete and effective and able to drum up a company of top soldiers always ready to work for a man many of them called 'The Lock.' Matlock will only work for parties prepared to honor their commitments—with proper renumeration, proper food, proper medical attention in the case of injury and, if required, proper undertaking services.

It is believed Matlock is in a romantic relationship with fellow Circuit mercenary Jessica Kohl.

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