Rachel Dalton

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Rachel Dalton
Full Name
Rachel Dalton
Portrayed by
First Appearance
Last Appearance
Rachel Mcmillan
Date of Birth
Date of Death
Commander of Section 20
1 known son

Major Rachel Dalton was a British military intelligence officer who was eventually placed in command of Section 20 after the death of Colonel Eleanor Grant.

After leading the effort to locate Conrad Knox she suffered a wound when the nuclear weapons failed to detonate. In his rage, Conrad Knox shot her in the stomach before attempting to flee. Dalton survived the wound. She later was killed by Mairead McKenna in Season 4.


She was formerly an officer in British Military Intelligence and worked undercover for a long stint in North Africa and the Middle East. On her many assignments she is known to employ unconventional methods, but always get results.


Personal Information

Name: Rachael Dalton

Born: 18 May 1978 | England, West London

Education: Bristol University; Arabic Studies

Family: Mother: Eleanor, English Professor, Father: Ralph, Language Professor at School of African and Oriental Studies; Grandfather: Lt-Col Anthony Dalton of NATO Command. After her death a picture of a boy with "I love you mummy" written on the back was found in her belongings suggesting she had a son.

Notes: Studied at St. Paul's school in North London as a youth; frequent disciplinary problems but sporting excellence saved her from expulsion.

Military Experience

12 September 2001: Becomes serving member of the British military with rank of Captain.

2003: Recruited to join the elite Special Reconnaissance Regiment.

2007-2010: Posted to Tangiers, Tunis and Tripoli with Military Intelligence.

Military Activity

Has a reputation for quickly gaining results, prepared to all available resources, including her body, to develop a critically important network of intelligence in the fight against Muslim extremists. Superiors believed to have overlooked minor cases of insubordination and unorthodox methodology because of her ability to get positive outcomes. Authorized to operate solo out in the region, traveling freely and gathering vital intel.

Psychological Profile

Grew up connecting ideological fervor with a degree of hypocrisy and a corollary lack of interest in family life. This view continues to color her perspective on politics and authority. Dalton prefers the cut and thrust of the field to the more steady demands of desk work.




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